Creating Instant Contrast: Canvas Selection

In this lecture you'll learn:

  • The concept of canvas selection & hinges to create ppp to fff
  • Powerful alternatives to the bland "up down" textbook crescendo gesture
  • Common issues when conducting crescendi & diminuendi and how to solve them

Why You Need To Learn It

  • Create compelling gestures for dynamic change

What Happens If You Don't Learn It

  • Ineffective gestures, low contrast, too big

Canvas Selection

  • pp = postage stamp (fingers)
  • p/mp = business card size (wrist)
  • mf = A/4 or Letter size (elbow)
  • f = 8.5"x11" or A3 size
  • ff = billboard size (shoulder)

'Up and Down' Textbook Gesture

  • Not real or believable
  • Means nothing, irrelevant

Changing Canvas Size

  • Use a diagonal axis instead to make things bigger
  • Hands further apart for big canvas
  • Hands closer together for small canvas
  • Remember to keep hands out in front, when putting hands closer togehter
  • Keep torso smiling when getting smaller, avoid collapsing the torso (ensemble loses support and pitch)

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