Ben Northey - Q&A

Question Timestamps

0.00 - What are the best ways to improve technique? What can I practice on my own, technique-wise?

2.07 - Do you video yourself conducting to a recording?

4.24 - Is conducting more terrifying in a rehearsal or concert?

5.45 - Can your interpretation change once you’ve heard the ensemble?

7.22 - What’s the worst thing that’s happened in a concert? How did you manage it?

12.16 - Do you have a clean score and a marked score?

13.43 - Are professional musicians open to descriptive words?

17.34 - Were you taught to write dramatic descriptors in the score?

18.58 - Do you play on an instrument (during score study)?

20.31 - How do you keep your interpretation fresh?

21.55 - What happens when you get frustrated on the podium? 

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