Three Parts of the Beat

In this lecture you'll learn:

  • How to identify the parts of the beat
  • How each part impacts the sound
  • How to control each part of the beat

Why You Need to Learn It

  • To analyse your conducting
  • To control all three parts of the gesture independently to get the musical outocmes you want
  • Understand the influence of each part of the beat on the sound
  • Diagnose common problems

What Happens if You Don't Learn It

  • Unable to control the sound
  • Unable to identify and solve common problems
  • Ensemble will have sound and tempo issues - articulation, rhythm, meter, tempo

Three Parts of the Beat

  • The preparation - what happens before the beat, what is about to happen in the sound
  • The ictus - the beat point, the point of articulation
  • The rebound - what happens after, what we want the body/shape of the note to sound like

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