Conducting Basics II - Preparations & Releases

Learn the basics of starting & stopping the sound

Review and refine your fundamentals.

The Preparations & Releases course will equip you to:

  • Start the sound clearly without messy or missed entries
  • Help your ensemble breathe together and move together
  • Connect and sensitise the ensemble to your gestures
  • Know when to use or not use a double preparation
  • Understand the principles for starting the sound in any character, tempo, dynamic and style
  • Create a variety of different sounding releases - from abrupt to tapered
  • Negotiate all types of pauses with complete, partial or no break in the sound

Become a better conductor.

As conductors, we're always working to help our ensembles improve. We know the value our ensemble members get from practice and constant feedback. We spend hours helping them understand the value of regular practice, how to improve their technique and how to learn effectively.

Yet it can be hard for us to prioritise our own practice to improve our conducting. Our precious spare time is spent doing things for our ensembles. Investing in ourselves often takes a back seat.

Even if we do make the time, we might not even know how or what to work on.
Be more confident on the podium.

Maybe you took a college class or workshop a while ago. Do you remember all the content that was covered, or what the instructor looked like when they were demonstrating gestures?

How do you end a pause with a lift then continue on again?

Wish you could go back in time and watch those lessons as often as you want? With lifetime access to the course, you can watch the instructional videos as many times as you want, whenever you want. You can even rewind to just watch one single gesture.

Solve real-world problems immediately.

  • Messy entries or releases?
  • Ensemble not breathing or moving together?
  • Someone hanging over at the end of the music?

Using the Ensemble Issues Index you can easily find the relevant lesson. You can go to any lesson at any time, so you can get what you need, when you need it.

Solve your nagging issues.

Do you have musical issues that constantly crop up in your rehearsals, time and time again?

Find the conducting solutions to common musical problems.

Many common musical issues can be solved with tweaks to your conducting gestures. The result? Better ensembles, new positive habits, and more efficient rehearsals.

Be more expressive.

We often begin as conductors like musicians - focussing on the nuts and bolts of technique, without having anything musical to say. For a while, this works as we focus on how to wave our stick. But with more experience on the podium, we come up with ideas and emotions we want to express, but we no longer remember the tools and techniques needed to share them.

In the course, you'll discover the basic processes and principles behind each gesture and how it will influence the ensemble's sound. So once you know what sound you want, you'll be equipped with exactly how to show it in your conducting.

More time making music, less time talking.

Great conducting is great rehearsing.

When we can communicate non-verbally with clarity and expression we can rehearse without stopping or talking. Want the trumpets to play less? If you can physically show this, while the music is happening, you can save time that would have been spent stopping and talking about it. This gives everyone more of what they want - time making music.

Conducting Basics helps you not only learn basic techniques, but know how to critique your own conducting and practice your new skills.

Analyse yourself.

When we spend most of our time in our own rehearsal rooms and offices, it can be hard to get any feedback, advice or ideas on how to improve or problem solve.
Conducting Basics helps you learn how to critique your own conducting. You'll find out what to look for, common mistakes, and what clear conducting looks like. You'll be able to watch yourself and have the tools to constantly improve and grow.

Learn on your lunch break, apply it next rehearsal.

We're all busy educators, conductors and musicians, so Conducting Basics lessons are short and sharp. All our videos are under 12 minutes, and most are under 5 minutes. So you can watch it on your lunch break, and apply what you learned immediately.
You can access lessons on a computer, mobile device or tablet so you can sneak in some learning at any time!

Want to try before you buy?

Check out the free previews below to get a taste of the course, as well as seeing the full Course Curriculum.

Your Instructor

Ingrid Martin
Ingrid Martin

In demand internationally as a clinician, guest conductor and lecturer, Ingrid is renowned for her ability to lead ensembles to deeper, meaningful musical performances. She has spent the last 15 years leading transformative musical experiences for musicians in schools, universities and community ensembles.

Committed to conductor education, she has served as State President of the Australian Band & Orchestra Directors' Association (ABODA), taught conducting to graduate students at the University of Melbourne, and continues provides individual tuition to hundreds of teachers through private tuition, festivals and competitions across Australia.

Course Curriculum

  Stopping the Sound - Part 1: Releases
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  Stopping the Sound - Part 2: Fermatas and Transitions
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How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
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