General Principles of Starting on Different Beats

In this lecture you'll learn:

  • The general principle for starting on any beat in the bar
  • How to find where to start from in the pattern
  • How to find where to breathe and give

General Principle for Starting on Other Beats

  • We need to breathe one beat before the sound starts
  • We need to find the place where our gesture starts so we can breathe to prepare the sound

How to Find Where to Start & Breathe From

  1. Know where the sound is starting (eg. Beat 3 in 4/4)
  2. Move to the ictus point of that beat in your conducting pattern (eg. Beat 3 in 4/4)
  3. Now move 1 beat before that (to the ictus point of the previous beat) (eg. Beat 2 in 4/4)
  4. Mentally revise where the rebound of that beat happens (opposite direction to the next beat) (eg. Beat 2 rebound goes out to the left)
  5. Starting from where you were in step 3, breathe in on the rebound to prepare the next beat (eg. breathe in on the rebound of 2, to prepare beat 3)
  6. Conduct the next beat (where the sound starts)